I have designed microsite page and on this page i have Email, city, city area and shop name

Client has provided sample data for three fields but their requirement is if i selected any value from city then only areas under that city should be populated in picklist area like dependent picklist.

Firstly i need to add this sample data into marketing cloud and then retreive using AMP script. Where should i add this sample data?? I am very new to SFMC

Any help would be really appreciable !!


You need to create Data Extensions in SFMC to store the City and corresponding sample data. Then you can use AMPScript's lookup function.

There is a very nice article from Adam Spriggs as well

  • Thanks for your help Maneesh.. But Email is also in the form and initially i just want to add sample data for only city, city area, shop. Is it possible that first i create one data extension which has only city, city area, shop and add sample data into this and after that create a new data extension which will have all attribute present in form. can I use two different data extension. I am confused.. Kindly suggest – Puja Sep 12 '17 at 4:33
  • Yes you can create as many data extensions as you like. Use the first one for testing and then later use the second one for real data. – Maneesh Sep 12 '17 at 6:53

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