I have configured my external web application as connected app. It works in SF. When I logout from Salesforce, I want to send logout notification to my web application. It calls my logout URL provided in connected app, but I want to send user id as part of logout URL, so that I can identify the current user who tries to logout & clear all session details from my external application. This value is dynamic based on logged in user.

My Question is : Is it possible to append sales force user id or federated in the logout URL? Because, without current user details, my application doesnt know which user to logout (clear cached data & session details). If possible how to acheive this.



Typically when you are trying to do sso with Salesforce in this manner, one would send the current session id. Connected app can connect to salesforce to get the user details.

  • SF doesnt allow to add global variables in Logout URL. I tried with /logout?_https://myname-pc.com:7002/sso/logout?sessionid={!API.Session_ID}&serverurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_400}_. I am getting error while saving with Error message Error: Invalid Data. Review all error messages below to correct your data. Single Logout URL: Invalid Single Logout URL – Sabarish Sep 11 '17 at 15:34

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