I would like to test a Get endpoint in Workbench via the rest Explorer. However I'm getting a services not found error when executing. Any suggestions on what I need to change? Below is the endpoint I'm entering /services/data/v40.0/FEApplicationDataById/V1

Here is my Rest Class:

global class FEApplicationDataById {
global static JSONData getFEApplicationData () {
    RestRequest req =  RestContext.request;
    RestResponse res = RestContext.response;
    res.addHeader('Accept', 'application/json');
    String pidm  = req.params.get('pidm');
    String idStringList = req.params.get('idStringList');
    //calls the populateFEAppDataById method to do json population.       
    JSONData feData = populateFEAppDataById(pidm, idStringList);

    return feData;  

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You have to use following:


Workbench conveniently takes care of the ...yourInstance.salesforce.com... part so in the Rest Explorer input box you just need to change /services/data/... to /services/apexrest/... when trying to access your Custom Apex REST resources.

For more information, refer Apex Web Services


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