I'm trying to make a simple sample exposing a web service class in Salesforce sites, so basically I already:

  1. Developed a webService class

    global class QuickBooksWS {

    webservice String userName { get; set; }
    webservice String password { get; set; }
    public QuickBooksWS() {
        this.userName = 'value';
        this.password = 'password';
    webservice static String authenticate(String userName,String password){
        return 'looged in as :'+userName +'and password: '+password;


  2. In my salesforce site I give access to the QuickBooksWS class and then, when I want to access to:


I'm getting the next page:

enter image description here

I expect to see the WSDL definition in this part so I can just play with SOAP UI for example

Is anything wrong with my code / configuration?

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Salesforce doesn't work that way (which, admittedly, is different than most other systems that support WSDL/Web Services). To get the WSDL for a class, you need to call /services/wsdl/class/ns/ClassName, where ns is the namespace for the class, if any (do not include if not in a named package), and ClassName is the class' name.

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