I need to display a particular Text Template content in coloured font or highlighted/underlined format in my contentnote record. The issue is i tried using or tag("FROM") and all that displays is a flow exception when i try to save the record.

I have tried changing the Text tempate to 'richtext' using the 'T' button as well.But it doesnt seem to work

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The documentation for content note states that it should accept properly formatted html. I tried a few things, and some things will simply crash the flow, like yours did. Other things won't show up in the content note even though it doesn't crash. (For instance color.) I don't usually work with content note but my guess is that it will only show the html for those option that you also have in the user interface. Using those option is easy though, once you know which ones it accepts. All you need is:

<u> this is underlined </u>
<i> this is in italics </i>
<b> this is in bold </b>

(You don't need the tags for html or body.)

  • Yeah! I have tried the same stuff and as u have mentioned Contentnote doesn't seem to support any other HTML tags apart from these.Thank you! – Meena Sep 7 '17 at 16:59
  • Your welcome @Meena – Kasper Sep 7 '17 at 18:06

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