In the Non-profit Starter/Success Pack version, Contacts has a checkbox field called Private. What is the semantic meaning of this field?

Related to this question, I have searched for a listing of the default fields and their semantic meanings, and come up empty.

  • I'm not sure on that version, but if it has the same meaning as the Private checkbox on an attachment, it would mean that only the person who added/owns the record can see it (as well as any admins).
    – rryanp
    Sep 6, 2017 at 0:10

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According to the help text on the field in Setup:

Excludes this Contact from One to One or Bucket account processing

It's a very rare that you'll need to use the Private checkbox.

Your best resource for NPSP support is the Salesforce Foundation's Power of Us Hub.

You can login with your Salesforce ID and gain access to Chatter groups covering many aspects of the NPSP. Foundation staff, consultants and non-profit organizations are all participants in the groups.

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