I have 6 types of transnational emails, examples- brochure request, price quotes, contact us,booking request etc.

i have one table(DE) which is cust_activity where all request are recorded. all these are push to table(DE) using external API.

Now i want to send auto reply emails using one trigger send definition. how can i segregate type of request in triggersend definition while send emails to each request?

can any one have different idea to do it? please suggest.


According to the SFMC help documentation:

Triggered sends do not support bulk updates/inserts. There is no way to select multiple emails within the triggered send definition.

Although there is a solution to this - If you can setup the contents of your 6 transactional emails as content blocks and set one email as the template/email then you can use ContentBlockbyId or ContentBlockbyKey AMPScript function to pull in the desired content block to the email.

Here is the sample setup:

  • Each API request you send to the DE you need an identifier in your data so it will help choose the right content block during the send.
  • Then you need to set that identifier as a content block key in the SFMC email studio. For example: CB_1234 content block for one transactional email and CB_5678 content block for another transactional email.
  • Within the main email template you will have an AMPScript function that will pull the right content block based on the identifier in the data.
  • Based on what kind of data/payload, your script will be in the content blocks to personalise the email.
  • Please note that the identifier set in this example is set as a field in the DE, it can be within the payload itself and you will need to extract the identifier and set it in template to pull the content block.

In your template:

VAR @emailID, @ContentBlock, @OutputCB
SET @emailID = AttributeValue('email_Identifier')

SET @ContentBlock = Concat("CB_",@emailID)
SET @OutputCB = ContentBlockByKey(@ContentBlock)

  • Hi Brad, thanks for your reply. i have a doubt on this. when i create content area according to ContentBlockbyId for 6 types it may work. but when something out of the "ContentBlockbyId" type7,type8... etc i dont want to send the email. how your triggersend logic will work in this case. – Ranjith Haridas Sep 7 '17 at 9:56

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