I want to make a app launcher on Salesforce 1 which is similar to Lightning App launcher. I have obtained all the apps through AppMenultem, but do not know how to get related tabs. I searched on Google, and got this message:List<Schema.DescribeTabSetResult> tabSetDesc = Schema.describeTabs(). However, this is only fit for classic version, not suitbale for Lightning version. So the issue is , how could I get the app related tabs on Lightning?

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There's a few options, probably dependent on what information about the tabs you need and where your code is running:

There are SObjects AppDefinition, AppTabMember and TabDefinition which give you high level details of the Apps and Tabs.

You can use the User Interface API. There are calls to Get Apps and Get App, which includes tab information.

There is a doc bug open W-5403443 which addresses the deficiency that the documentation for Schema.describeTabs() does not mention that it only supports classic. Judging by the number its been around a long time so hopefully the docs will get updated soon so it's clearer.

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