We are having a field called - ‘VisitOverdueMailingList__c’ on the Account object populated with comma separated values. The field contains data in the following format (only for certain Accounts that satisfy certain conditions) :

Division, Business Unit, User Id, Email
Division, Business Unit, User Id, Email
Division, Business Unit, User Id, Email

The length of the Division is 2, Business Unit is 4, User Id is 18. The email length of course varies. So the input DE would be like :

enter image description here

This field gets synchronized into Marketing Cloud. The problem is this field can have different number of rows of data based on the Account on which it exists. I am trying to process this field in order to split those values into different column using SQL.

So the final Data Extension format that I want to achieve is as below :

Data Extension after processing the comma separated values

Taking reference from this stack exchange question : Exact Target SQL find two values within a string I am trying to construct query with 'Case' but then I am not sure how to handle the varying number of rows in this field.

Any Idea Or Solutions that I can try out on Marketing Cloud are welcome.

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So using a non SQL solution on MC I have resolved this. I have used AMPScript to process the rows. So I just added a column to the Source (input DE) with my Email ID then automate this email using Journey Builder. It is working :)

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