I'm looking for a way to cancel a pending send through the SOAP API in Marketing Cloud. I can use the Soap API to get a list of Send objects (using the object 'Send') and I can see that the IDs here correspond to the Job IDs of pending sends (as well as cancelled sends and completed sends) in my SFMC account. I can't work out how to ask SMFC to cancel the send though. Sorry if I'm missing something really obvious here

  • There's example soap for this here:
    – Will
    Sep 5, 2017 at 11:43

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There's example soap for this here: here

To cancel a send it has to have a 'cancel' operation performed on it. This is not included in the ruby sdk by default but it can be added by opening the class, adding the send object and defining a cancl method like this:

module FuelSDK

  class Send < Objects::Base

    include Objects::Soap::Read
    include Objects::Soap::CUD
    attr_accessor :folder_id

    def cancel
      perform_response = client.soap_perform id, 'cancel', properties
      if perform_response.status then
        @last_task_id = perform_response.results[0][:result][:task][:id]

This has the effect of reopening the class to add something in, adding send as an object you can do the usual API create/update/search things on and additionally defines a cancel method you can call on the send

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