I have an aura handler defined in the component:

<aura:attribute name="ErrorMessage" type="String" default=""/>
    <aura:handler name="init" action="{!c.doinit}" value="{!this}"/>

Controller Class:

doinit : function(component, event, helper) {
        var action = component.get("c.checkrecord");
            "primaryCampaignId": component.get("v.recordId")
            var state = response.getState();
            if(component.isValid() && state == "SUCCESS"){ 
                var responseParse =response.getReturnValue();
                if(responseParse != 'SUCCESS'){
                    var fordialog = component.find("searchBlock");
                    $A.util.toggleClass(fordialog, "toggle");
                  //  $A.util.addClass(fordialog, 'slds-hide');
                //  $A.util.removeClass(fordialog, 'slds-show');
                    component.set("v.ErrorMessage", 'Please Add to this List');

There is a delay where the toggleclass fires, so basically, I can see something displayed and suddenly it gets hidden. When the component is being loaded, users are seeing some block which is disappearing because of the code condition statements.

I do have aura:waiting and done:waiting events, but still, the block shows for a second and disappear since I am hiding it based on the response. Can I use something to delay so the doinit finishes and then the user doesn't see the block or any kind of loading spinner?

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I recommend to use a spinner. Its always better for the user to see a spinner when something is loading.

  • Hi, Yes I wanted to use the spinner only. But on page-load how I can execute the spinner first because before init function starts, the lightning component gets loaded. I want to initiate the spinner as soon as the component opens. Any specific function in lightning ???Like in JS we have onload or readyfunction
    – Abhik Dey
    Commented Sep 1, 2017 at 16:16
  • Hi, you can define the spinner on your component. And then in the init function you can hide the spinner on your component. I dont there is something like "onload" and "readyfunction". I Hope this helps you.
    – auno
    Commented Sep 4, 2017 at 6:11

I have always found aura:waiting event tough to use. It means that there is an active server call waiting for a response (not necessarily from your component), not that your component is doing some client side processing or being initialized. I think the best option is to wrap your conditional markup in an aura:if with either {!v.someVar != null} (if you are getting a value from the server) or use your own Boolean that gets set to true in your server callback. In the <aura:set attribute="else"> clause you can place a spinner, stencil, or other loading text.

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