I have a journey created that has been running for a while now. I tested a new contact into the journey and the contact was entered no problem. However at the correct point in the journey, no email was received. I looked in the entry logs and found the contact and can see that date and time of entry, and the logs for the waits, but then they have the following log message: StopInteractionActivity: Stop

Does anyone happen to know what this is? It seems something is causing the contact to not flow through the simple journey. I have tried to find causes for StopInteractionActivity: Stop but none seem to help me understand what is happening with the contact.


StopInteractionActivity: Stop just means that a contact finished the journey by running through it until the exit. In contrast to this a contact can also exit the journey in the middle of it if a goal is defined and contacts should exit the journey as soon as they fulfill the goal criteria. In that case GoalCriteriaActivity: GOAL is displayed.

So your contact went through the whole journey successfully and therefore this is shown in the journey history. If no emails have been received there seems to be a problem with the email itself as a failed email send doesn't stop the contact from running through the journey.

To check for a failed send, go to Email Studio -> Interactions -> Triggered Emails and navigate to Journey Builder Sends and check for Queued and Errored sends. Another option to check for block bounces, etc. is Email Studio -> Tracking -> Sends -> Journey Builder Sends and check for further information. You could also check the send logging data extension if enabled.

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