I'm trying to use new Input and InputField with type attribute. I need to use the date or datetime type as follow:

<apex:input value="{!birthdayDate}" type="date" styleClass="select-box"/>

with corresponding controller:

public Date birthdayDate {
    set {
        System.debug('birthdayDate setter: ' + value);
        birthdayDate = value;
        currentAccount.PersonBirthdate = value;

But when the user clears the field by clicking on the "x" button, the setter is not triggered and value cannot be reset.

I could use the inputField instead directly on PersonBithdate field, but I get an "Error: Invalid Date" when submitting the form.

FYI : I'm using API 29 (as requested by the Winter 14 release notes) for this files.

Thanks for your help.

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See http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Visualforce-Development/New-HTML5-Apex-Input-issue/m-p/698847#M70703. Fixed in next release. Thank you.


i think the type of PersonBithdate is not date,so you see the error when submitting the form.

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