We currently have "email address" as the subscriber key in Marketing Cloud.

Lets say we have Bob Smith already has a subscriber in the system:

Email: bobsmith@gmail.com - First Name: Bob - Last Name: Smith - Company: Company A

But then we subscribes again, through a different channel as a mistake or he doesn't realize he's already signed up, but some of his profile information has changed but not his email:

Email: bothsmith@gmail.com - First Name: Bob - Last Name: Smith - Company: Company B

How does Marketing Cloud handle this? Will the second entry bump out the first?

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Answer: It depends.

If your instance uses Email Address as the subscriber key, it would update Bob's company from A to be B.

If your instance uses a different value (eg Salesforce Id), the system would recognise them as two different subscribers.

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    Even further it depends on the method you are adding subscribers: Import, Web Collect, API, as each can be set to behave differently. – AnonWonderer Aug 25 '17 at 21:45

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