I have a requirement in which i have 2 child objects:Agreement__C & Payments_Due__c and parent object: Policy_Holder__c.Now i want to create formula field on picklist so that i can refer Agreement__c obj field from Payments_Due__c obj.I have checked cross object formula field but by that we can go from child to multiple parents.

Any ideas!!Also how can i create formula on picklist

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You can't refer to a child object from a parent's formula. What you may be able to do, depending on your needs, is to create one or more rollup summary fields on the Policy_Holder__c object to summarize the Payment_Due__c data you're interested in, and from there, you can refer to it from the Agreement__c object. To use a picklist in your formulas, you generally need to use the ISPICKVAL, CASE, or TEXT formula operators, which allow you to compare to a specific value, a list of values, or convert the value to text, respectively. You can read more about those functions in the Formula Operator and Functions documentation.

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