I am relatively new to Salesforce Service console and want to integrate WeChat in Service console. If the mobile number linked to the contact is registered on we chat , I need to able to send messages to we chat mobile app via Salesforce. Please help. I tried googling around but could not find rest API's exposed by Wechat to solve the purpose.


As far as I know, what you've described doesn't exist.

I believe the closest you can get is to create a WeiXin public account and have users join that group, and use that for messaging.

The technical documentation can be found here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/wiki?t=resource/res_main

We were looking into doing some WeChat integration again recently, and another issue we ran into is that the callback domain provided to their Oauth login flow for WeChat Public Group Authorized Sites only accept domains with ICP licenses. Since Salesforce doesn't have servers in China, this will also limit the integration that can be done directly in salesforce.

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