I have a Process Builder (PB) on the Account object. Person Accounts are enabled. The PB checks if a field has changed (ISCHANGED=True) and then updates another field on the same object. I have 3 of these actions and only 2 of them work.

What am I doing wrong?

Example. Field_#1 is changed (it is a picklist (PL) field), and then updates New_Field_#1 with the new PL value.

Field_#2 is changed, again, a PL field and updates New_Field_#2

Field_#3 is changed, but it will not update New_Field_#3, and forcibily populates a fixed value.

As always - thanks in advance for assistance.

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    which one is not working, if you can give an example with some data members can understand the use case correctly – Santanu Boral Aug 23 '17 at 15:09

It appears the third action is not working correctly, "Field_#3 is changed, but it will not update New_Field_#3, and forcibily populates a fixed value."

What are the field types involved in this action? What update result are you expecting? What fixed value is it updating with instead? Where else does this fixed value appear in your code? I.e. where does it come from?

  • Field_#1 is Picklist, New_Field_#1 is Text string (this is the same for all 3 fields/within the PB.) The values that are updated (although they are strings) do represent Assets. The one of the three PB elements that does not work always puts the same strings into the fields it is trying to update irrespective of the picklist value that is chosen. There are no triggers, no VF pages, no other PBs that call this information that I can find. The same format for all three sections in the PB appear to be identical in every way (field names, strings, field types etc. ) - except for the failing one. – JB-Stack Aug 23 '17 at 16:31

Thanks for all the input. So for each of the 3 PB elements, the next step was to evaluate the next criteria. This worked for the first two elements - but the third was failing because there was no evaluation of "None" in the picklists. The result was the first entry in the last picklist was being inserted as a "default".

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