i have a custom object Case_Contacts__c which has lookup to contact object, Case_Contacts__c has field named Contact_Expiry_Date__c. i want to retrieve that field in contact list in controller.

Current Code:

List<Contact> ConList = new List<Contact>(
    SELECT FirstName, lastName, account.Name, Accountid
    FROM Contact
    WHERE id IN :conIdList

List<Case_Contacts__c> cslist = new List<Case_Contacts__c>();
for(contact c:ConList)
    Case_Contacts__c c1 = new Case_Contacts__c();
    c1.Contact__c = c.id;

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Understanding Relationship Names, Custom Objects, and Custom Fields provides necessary information about how to do it in one soql:

List<Contact> conList = [
    select Id, FirstName, LastName, AccountId, Account.Name, (
        select Id, Contact_Expiry_Date__c
        from  Case_Contacts__r
    from Contact
    where id in :conIdList

for(Contact cont :conList){
    List<Case_Contacts__c> caseContacts = cont.Case_Contacts__r;
    for(Case_Contacts__c caseContact :caseContacts){
        // do something with caseContact.Contact_Expiry_Date__c field

I can be wrong with child relationship name Case_Contacts__r. In first link of this answer you will find how to find correct one.

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