I am planning to create List button using lightning out, however I am not sure how to get the record Id dynamically from the VF page and pass it to Lightning Component.

<!-- This VF page hosts a Lightning Component. -->
<apex:page standardcontroller="Opportunity" recordSetVar="cons"

  <!-- Load Lightning dependencies -->
  <apex:includeLightning />

  <div class="slds">
    <!-- Target div for the Lightning component -->
    <div id="customObjectEdit"></div>

    var recordId = '0030v000001VfqhAAC';

    $Lightning.use("c:createLtgOutApp", function() {
      var attributes = {
        recordId: recordId

      var targetElementId = 'customObjectEdit';

      $Lightning.createComponent('c:createLtgOut', attributes, targetElementId,
        function(cmp) {
          // At this point the component has been created and loaded

This is the Opportunity list button which I am using it on Contact page. How do I get the Contact record Id dynamically here and pass it to Component attribute?

Is this the right approach or is there any other option do I have for related list button to prepopulate the values?

I guess, I have to write another extension controller to get the id of the record.


Figured out the way to get the id, I used the extension controller to get the id of the record.

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