I created a workflow that emails our Director requesting his approval on a quoted project. He would like the ability to select a link that can take him directly to that Opportunity and would also like the ability to view the attached Excel spreadsheet with the quote information. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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You could follow these steps for your requirement.

  • create a Custom formula field which will display Opportunity record as hyperlink

    HYPERLINK( '/' + OpportunityId, Opportunity.Name,'_blank')

  • create a HTML email template and use that field as follows

    Link to Opportunity: {!Quote.Custom_Opportunity_Id__c}

  • Select the template from your email.


Please try to use {!Opportunity.Link} in your email template which will include a link to that opportunity.

Hope this helps.


We have used this in our email templates:

Details: {!LEFT($Api.Partner_Server_URL_140, FIND(".com/",$Api.Partner_Server_URL_140)+3)}/{!relatedTo.Id}

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