I have the requirement where I need to search a phone number in the UI like => 8405678978. So if I am passing the number in the UI like this 8405678978, it is not querying from the database as in the database it will be stored in the following format ==> (840) 567-8978 or 840-567-8978.

Below is the way I have tried in the dynamic query.

if (searchstring != null) {
    String tmpsearchstring = searchstring+'%';
    String tmpPhoneString='%'+searchstring+'%'; 
    queryString += ' AND (FirstName like :tmpsearchstring OR LastName like :tmpsearchstring OR Name like :tmpsearchstring OR EMail like :tmpsearchstring OR Phone like :tmpPhoneString)';

The problem I am facing is if in the UI I pass 840 (only 3 digits) then all other phone numbers with 840 as there middle digits or last digits are showing up....and if I pass a phone number as 8405 (4 digits) then record is not displaying because of the format of phone number stored in database. How can I get the records even if I pass 4 digits or 5 digits in the search box?


You can create a custom text field for each standard phone field you want to search, then create a process builder or a workflow on each standard field to strip out parentheses, dashes, and spaces and paste the stripped number into the custom field.

A quick Google search turned up this formula in the Salesforce Success community. You can modify it for use in your workflow or Process Builder:

                Phone, "(", ""
            ), ")", ""
        ), " ", ""
    ), "-", ""
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    You might want to also substitute the . character, as some people might input in the format ###.###.#### (or other similar formats depending on nationality). – Adrian Larson Aug 22 '17 at 19:56

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