I cannot find documentation to verify this.

Is it still the case that you CANNOT do a Scheduled Action in Process Builder UNLESS it is on a "record being created" PB?

I need to do Scheduled Actions when a record is EDITED, so at the moment, I'm going to use Workflows out of necessity, but these will literally be the ONLY Workflows in our system.

I would prefer them to be in Process Builder where all of our other logic-flows are happening. Without going to actual Apex, of course.


Process Builder - Scheduled Actions only on "Created"?

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Process Builder allows scheduled actions under either of two conditions, outlined in Specify When Your Actions Should Execute with a Schedule:

  • The process starts only when a record is created (1).

  • The process starts when a record is created or edited (2), and the associated criteria node executes actions only when specified changes are made (3).

Scheduled Actions

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