I am new to lightning. I need to migrate a custom button on record detail page that uses javascript to lightning. I tried creating a lightning action using lightning component. It worked fine but still the page did not get refreshed.

Also is there a way to create a lightning button for the same. The logic that needs to be implemented is below: The custom button is on Case object. On clicking it , the case fields and its child records needs to be updated.

Any other approach using process builder is also welcome!


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i do not have commenting available. so i need to ask here. What actually By fields and child record Update means. Do you want to relaod the page and reflect the changes if any occured ?

If that is an Scenario you need to add this to your component.

 <aura:handler event="force:refreshView" action="" />

Thanks Vivek.

I tried using <lightning:button> instead of <ui:button> and it worked.The page got refreshed. However I have included the

 <aura: handler>

event as well.

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