I have a custom object Response__c as shown below.

enter image description here

xx,yy,zz are different field values for the three records.

Please note that not all fields are populated for all the three records.

A single apex:inputfield is to be shown in the VF Page whose "value" property will be determined at runtime

I followed an earlier post's advice

VF component dynamic inputField

and refactored my code as below

Component markup

<apex:component controller="DynamicApexController" >
    <apex:attribute name="inputObject" type="sObject" description="Object Name"/>
    <apex:attribute name="inputFieldName" type="String" description="Field Name"/>
    <apex:inputField value="{!r[inputFieldName]}"/>

Component controller

public with sharing class DynamicApexController {

public Response__c r {get;set;}
public Response__c getr()

Response__c newr = new Response__c();
return newr;



Visualforce Page

<!-- Page: -->

<apex:page >
<apex:form >

    <c:myComponent1 myValue="My composents value" borderColor="green" /> 
    <c:dynamicinput inputFieldName="Field1__c"  id="first" rendered="true" />

But I am getting the following error when navigating to the VF Page. Attached is the error screenshot below.

Can someone let me know what is wrong ?

Error Screenshot

enter image description here


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Please have a look at this - VF component dynamic inputField.

I think you should replace r with attribute inputobject and pass the inputobject parameter from VF to even make sobject dynamic.

Thanks, Abhishek

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