I have salescloud and marketing cloud integrated via connector. If I do a salesforce send to a report, emails go through ok, and the tracking information goes back to salescloud: http://imgur.com/a/lqR9P Open tracking is detailed in the "Individual email results" section.

But, I don't see any records in "email sends" for any contact in the report: http://imgur.com/a/nEYHB

How can i have the info populated in that section?

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The Email Sends list will only populate with email sends made to individual contacts / leads. If it's added onto the page layout, you will see that Send Marketing Cloud Email link in addition to the Unsubscribe and View Analytics -- that is the link which allows you to send to an individual.

All sends to Reports / Campaigns / Salesforce Data Extensions will populate in the Individual Email Results related list, which can also be added to any Lead / Contact page layout.


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