Can I have a certain profile to have a password change policy of 1 year, and other profiles (or the rest) as change every 60 days?

I know you can set it for the entire organization, I need to specify users/profiles.

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Since Winter'15, one can set password policy and session time out properties per profile. Below is link to the release notes pertaining to the same.



Nope. The closest you can get is this

Create a permission set which has "Password Never Expires", assign this to the users which have a 1 year policy. Then set a reminder for the admins to expiry users with that permission set each year.

Then just implement your 60 day policy as is.

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    It's a totally painful oversight in my opinion. Oct 4, 2012 at 5:35
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    Things to note with Password Policies: 1. Shortening a Password Policy will change the password expiration date for Users. 2. Lengthening the password expiration time will not change this. Users password will expire with the old timeframe. 3. Setting password never expires on their profile will update immediately.
    – Randy E
    Oct 5, 2012 at 3:01

If you look into single sign on options with SAML and use Salesforce as a Service Provider you could enforce differing password policies on your identity provider as the authentication will be done there, not at Salesforce's end.

But out of the box, it can not be done.

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Winter 15 new functionality : password policy on profile level !

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Link to the release notes for winter 15 to set password policy at the profile level

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