I am volunteering in the task of documenting and making recommendations for a non-profit SalesForce setup. Many hands worked on the setup and changes of SalesForce without documenting their decisions. So, I'm a little bit in the dark. In Accounts, there is this field in the Grantmaking section called Funding Focus. Is that a default field for a non-profit starter version?

Grantmaking field in Accounts

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In the Contact custom field list in Setup, look in the Installed Package column for the field to see if it's in a Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) package.

FYI, your best resource for NPSP support is the Salesforce Foundation's Power of Us Hub here: https://powerofus.force.com

You can login with your Salesforce ID and gain access to Chatter groups covering many aspects of the NPSP. Foundation staff, consultants and non-profit organizations are all participants in the groups.

  • I think our whole task force may find this resource helpful. But you mention Nonprofit Success Pack and the settings call it a Nonprofit Starter Pack. What is the difference? Is it just a name change? Aug 15, 2017 at 4:31
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    Salesforce changed the name last year or this year, so it used to be Starter Pack but now it's Success Pack. Still the same thing though. Aug 15, 2017 at 5:40

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