Hi i want to remove duplicate records from attribute in js lightning. component.get("v.recordLeads"); I suppose we have to use lodash function here. Something like this

<aura:attribute name="recordLeads" type="Lead[]" />

var con=component.get("v.convertLeads");    
var result=  _.uniq(con);

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You should be able to avoid underscore.js / lodash if you do something like this:

var uniqueObjs = {};

//create a object with unique leads
  uniqueObjs[conItem.Id] = conItem;
//reinitialise con array
con = [];
var keys = Object.keys(uniqueObjs);

//fill up con again

If some of your leads are new and don't have ids, you can sometimes make a key out of a combo of fname + lname + email (uppercased or lowercased of course)

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