Currently, Status of the Case list view to get proper visibility. This functionality is one of the must have in Lightning Experience but doesn't support formula fields with images in List Views.

Status Column with Image

Status Icon column

Formula Text field

IF(Status = "New", IMAGE("resource/statusIcon", "New"), "Closed")

Above formula works fine with Classic Interface but not for Lightning.

In lightning, it will displaying image Text("New") on list view.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


maybe a bit outdated but please doublecheck that you use the / as first character in lightning. Instead of using

IMAGE("resource/statusIcon", "New")

please use

IMAGE("/resource/statusIcon", "New")
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According to the Salesforce documentation, you should be using Documents instead of static resources:


Have you tried that?

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  • It will not work whenever deployed from Sandbox to Production org. Because of Static ID servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150a000002IK5H from Document(Image). I've to maintain both the orgs with Static ID(0150a000002IK5H), whenever it required anything changes to IMAGE source. So, not helpful for best practices but perfect example of workaround. :) – Prashant R. Aug 9 '17 at 6:47
  • You shouldn't hardcode the ID, use Custom Settings or Custom Metadata to store the ID on a per-org basis! :-) – Koen Wesselman Aug 9 '17 at 10:23
  • Yes. I know. :) – Prashant R. Aug 9 '17 at 10:52

I tried the below formula and it is working for me both in lightning and classic.

IF(TEXT(Status) = "New", IMAGE('/resource/pkb_close_icon', 'NEW',44,44), "Closed")
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  • Still not worked for me(above mentioned) in Lightning. Displaying text/value as New on formula column. Classic looks fine. – Prashant R. Aug 9 '17 at 5:49
  • Formula: IF(Time_With_Support__c = 0 && ISNULL(Time_With_Support__c), 'No Value', IF(Time_With_Support__c < 6 && NOT(ISNULL(Time_With_Support__c)), IMAGE('resource/viewedIcon', 'New',40,40), 'Closed')) Note: Time_With_Support__c is Number type field. – Prashant R. Aug 9 '17 at 5:57
  • But in your formula the is no text called New. – Saroj Bera Aug 9 '17 at 6:32
  • Look 2nd IF Statement with New condition, IF(Time_With_Support__c < 6 && NOT(ISNULL(Time_With_Support__c)), IMAGE('resource/viewedIcon', 'New',40,40), 'Closed') Whenever Time_With_Support__c < 6 AND NOT(ISNULL(Time_With_Support__c) than IMAGE('resource/viewedIcon', 'New',40,40) – Prashant R. Aug 9 '17 at 6:41
  • Have you checked with any other image? I can't any issues with the formula. – Saroj Bera Aug 9 '17 at 6:55

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