I am trying to generate a dataset for reporting in our wave analytics (Einstein Analytics) app. The source for this data will be an object in salesforce however I need to transform this data for the purpose of our reporting. I need to transform it as follows -

A record in my target object has the following fields - Start Date, End Date, Total Amount. I need this data transformed in such a manner that this one record is expanded into as many records as the no. of days between start date and end date while the amount is pro rated.

For Example - 1 Existing Record - {Start Date : 1st Aug 2017; End Date : 5th Aug 2017; Total Amount : 50}

After the transformation, I should get 5 records each for 1 date in the date range like -

  • Record 1 {Start Date : 1st Aug 2017; End Date : 1st Aug 2017; Total Amount : 10}
  • Record 2 {Start Date : 2nd Aug 2017; End Date : 2nd Aug 2017; Total Amount : 10}

  • Record 3 {Start Date : 3rd Aug 2017; End Date : 3rd Aug 2017; Total Amount : 10}

  • Record 4 {Start Date : 4th Aug 2017; End Date : 4th Aug 2017; Total Amount : 10}
  • Record 5 {Start Date : 5th Aug 2017; End Date : 5th Aug 2017; Total Amount : 10}

Is such a data transformation even possible in wave ?

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You can do this using compute function of data flow or bucket field of recipes by definition.As of my knowledge, i am unfamiliar with bucket field but you can achieve this by compute function of dataflow if you have a saql query that can achieve this

  • Actually such a transformation is not feasible on the analytics platform. We confirmed this with the product specialist @ SF. We ended up running this transformation externally and then pushing the data into the analytics app.
    – Vic
    Nov 11, 2017 at 8:27

If your still looking and considering above example.

create a compute expression calculate the date difference between startdate and enddate. and divide it with the amount so you individual amount.

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