I have included a lightning component in opportunity flexi page under detail tab which will check if there are any child records with specific status(ex:status__c=='a') and shows some progress bar.

Initially if the opportunity contains no related child and hence progress bar is empty. But I navigate to related tab(standard) and add a child record with status__c=='a', child record is created(all as a single page application without any page reloads). But now if I just click on detail tab, still my progress bar component is empty but if I refresh the page, then progress bar is shown. Is there something we could do here?

  • I don't see any event for which you can listen to whenever a child record is created so that you could refresh your component. As of now only solution I can think of is creating custom component for creating new child record and firing event which your other component will listen to. Unfortunately lot of custom code. Aug 7, 2017 at 21:11

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You should be able to listen for either force:recordSaveSuccess or force:refreshView events in order to determine if you need to refresh the data from the server.

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