i have this kind of data in a data extension:

DesktopType1 (column-Name) Hard Drive 250 (column-Spec)

DesktopType1 (column-Name) RAM 4GB (column-Spec)

DesktopType1 (column-Name) 1080p (column-Spec)

DesktopType2 (column-Name) Hard Drive 150 (column-Spec)

DesktopType2 (column-Name) Wifi (column-Spec)

Since i can have multiple rows for each product depending on the spec. Can i compare two or more products and display the difference in email body by ampscript?

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    Please update your question to include a sample of the desired output. – Adam Spriggs Aug 7 '17 at 11:33
  • Could you also please add a bit more clarity around the content of the input? A screenshot might help. – Macca Aug 7 '17 at 12:00

Your values would need to be a number (i.e. 250 instead of Hard Drive 250GB, and 4 instead of RAM 4 GB, etc). You could use math functions after you LookupRows to make your comparisons.

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