I have automated classis view in salesforce but in lightning view same elements are not recognizable by selenium webdriver. VF embedded controls are not recognizable in lightning mode

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Selenium logic is very fragile as it is usually based on small details of the HTML.

A Visualforce page rendered in "Classic" has header and sidebar HTML added and is rendered as the root html element. A Visualforce page rendered in "Lightning Experience" doesn't have the header and sidebar HTML added and is rendered in an iframe contained in the root html element:

<iframe class="" frameborder="0" width="100%" name="vfFrameId_1501838247943" height="100%" id="vfFrameId_1501838247943" scrolling="yes" data-aura-rendered-by="3029:0" allowfullscreen="true">
    <html class>

Other changes are also made by the platform to keep the Visualforce working in the considerably different "Lightning Experience" world such as URLs modified to e.g.:

href="/one/one.app#/alohaRedirecthttps://na40.salesforce.com/00346000002HUvw?isdtp=p1" id="lookup00346000002HUvw00N46000002KngV"

Modifying your Selenium logic to work for both modes is a significant job event if the logic is well structured; if the logic was created by e.g. recording you will probably need to completely re-create it.

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