I have give Allow search Field True for all the objects what i want and pined them in the search layout also to do search in all the objects, what i have did you can see in the below screen short.

Note: This all Done in Classic View enter image description here

But when i have searched in Lightning mode, i am getting No Data found for all those objects, expect for some objects.

I have seen one more problem here while seaeching data in classic view(for Eg: if i search any record name like Test Record it is not searching in all the objects, after clicking on Search All it's showing the data.)for this secinaro you can see the screen short below. enter image description here

one more thing in lightning it is searching for the following: as shown in the below screen short, and Not for Records which are present in the objects. enter image description here

Can any one help me on this to achive it.


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The global search has many limitations, especially in lightning. What we usually end-up doing in orgs where we need to search on records for multiple objects is use ISV partner apps which are available on the AppExchange. In the Salesforce Summer '17 Release Notes you can see that Salesforce has partnered up with Coveo, Docurated, and Swiftype.

Each provide search solutions, however, from what I have tested and know (since I am an employee there) is that Coveo offers an OOTB free solution where you can leverage Salesforce's index with SOSL and SOQL to display object records.

the listing is available here and the getting started guide is here.

To give you an idea of the end result after the initial configuration:

enter image description here

and you can customize what objects/records you want to display through an interface editor. Works in lightning and classic.

for further options you can read the following posts from the admin and developer blogs:

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