can i use lookup to display data extension column value?

I am trying to display name of the email recipient in email if EmailAdd_Column matches with the recipient email address.

In my case the audience data extension of an email is different from the data extension from which I want to pull the value. This is the reason I am thinking about usnig lookup.

I have this ampscript to pull Name but it is not working?

SET @pullname = LookupRows("DataExtensionName","NameColumn", "EmailAdd_Column", emailaddr)

Value from NameColumn is %%=v(@pullname)=%%

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The LookUpRows function is returning a rowset. You should use LookUp for this use case.

You would also have to use IF control for cases where it doesn't match i.e Dear Customer



var @pullname , @nullpullname /* It is best practice is always declare your variables */

SET @nullpullname = 'Dear Customer' /* This is just an example to help you see how / why you should add flow control to this */
SET @pullname = Lookup("DataExtensionName","NameColumn", "EmailAdd_Column", emailaddr)


%%[IF @pullname IS NOT EMPTY THEN]%%





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