I mistakenly thought that I would be able to go to Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs page and use the 'Submitted by' column to tell me which report schedules would be problematic when we deactivate a user.

The problem that I'm having is that when diving into the Scheduled report details it has a different "Running User" than what is displayed on the "Submitted By" column for the scheduled jobs page.

Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs - Unconverted Hot Leads (3+ Days Old):

Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled Report Details - Unconverted Hot Leads (3+ Days Old):

Scheduled Report Details I don't want to have to go into each scheduled report every time we deactivate a user and check if the two user lookups are different. SOQLing on the CronTrigger only provides OwnerId (report owner), LastModifiedById (user who submitted the schedule). It doesn't appear to show any details around the "Running User". Any thoughts? This seems crazy!


First, you'll need to make certain you have these three permissions enabled for yourself:

  • Schedule Reports
  • Modify All Data
  • View Setup and Configuration

I recommend you read the following two KB articles:

From Salesforce Help Manage a Report’s Schedule,

On the Schedule Report page you can:

  • Thanks for the list, but this doesn't really answer the question. I need to be able to search and find out all scheduled reports where the user is the "Running User". The "View scheduled jobs" page does not provide that information. – rmarq423 Jul 31 '17 at 15:10
  • See this Idea which is under consideration. There isn't a more direct approach beyond opening each record. There's also this KB Article which seems to apply more to Dashboards than Reports although both are mentioned.. – crmprogdev Jul 31 '17 at 20:14

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