I'm looking to integrate an external web application into salesforce via connected app/canvas approach. As per project requirements, there will be 10+ visualstudio pages or lightning components that expose the canvas app, passing parameters that will be used to serve the correct page in our web app.

I'm a total sf beginner, and I came across some information about canvas limits: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.platform_connect.meta/platform_connect/canvas_framework_limits.htm

Number of Force.com Canvas calls per day per user (24–hour period): 5,000 This includes SDK calls to get context and signed request calls. Note that when you call a SignedRequest method, there are actually two calls that are made—one call for the method and one call for internal logging.

I'm concerned about high-frequency users approaching this limit, but I'm a little unclear on what a "canvas call" includes.

  1. Does anybody have an understanding of how many calls get made when the canvas app is rendered and authenticated via signed request?

  2. If I publish events from a canvas app into the visualforce page, do these also count towards the limit?

  3. Is it accurate to say that all Force.com limits are unrelated to product/edition?

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