Is it possible to build something like an "inbound" service within force platform?

Kind of a custom logic controlled by an apex class which can we called via REST Api from external services with different parameters? And the apex class would manage inserts/updates across different objects. I'm aware you can use the normal REST Api for direct object access, bit i'm looking for an object flexible solution.

Hope it's clear what I mean.

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  • Your edited question is much less clear. Are you not trying to create an inbound REST service? – Adrian Larson Jul 28 '17 at 20:05

Yes. You can define REST services using Apex. See the below linked article from the Technical library (emphasis mine):

Creating REST APIs using Apex REST


The Force.com REST API lets you use a simple and lightweight API to access Force.com data, using standard OAuth, together with a choice of data flavors – XML and JSON. The REST API is configured out of the box to suit the basic CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations of data management.

Apex REST augments this functionality and makes it possible for developers to create your own REST-based web services using Apex. It has all of the advantages of the REST architecture, provides the ability to define custom logic and includes automatic argument/object mapping.

This article provides an introduction and overview of the Apex REST functionality, showing you how to take your first steps in creating REST-based web services in Apex. As Apex REST builds on the Force.com REST implementation itself, the Getting Started with the Force.com REST API article is recommended reading.

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