I'm using the following (non-APEX) REST connection to retrieve chatter records from a unique chatter group (id.) How can I limit the number of chatter records retrieved? I only want to use the last 20 chatter records for a portal feed.

GET https://<my url>/services/data/v39.0/chatter/feeds/record/0F9G0000000PeqbKAC/feed-elements

I think you'd need to use a custom query for that.


Notice the +LIMIT+20 clause at the end.

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  • thanks. Works. We're providing an application connection allowing REST API to a 3rd party portal product (LifeRay.) – rickmac Jul 28 '17 at 17:54

You need to set the pagesize query parameter. For example:

GET https://<my url>/services/data/v39.0/chatter/feeds/record/0F9G0000000PeqbKAC/feed-elements?pageSize=20

The documentation describes the available query parameters.

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