I am trying to add jquery-steps javascript library in my lightning component. But obviously it is not loaded.

This is the code I've used:

    <ltng:require styles="/resource/jquerystepcss" scripts='/resource/jquery,
/resource/jquerystepjs' afterScriptsLoaded="{!c.doInit}" />

The jquery and the css files are loaded but not the query-steps one. Could you please advise how to debug this. Is it caused by the locker Service ?


I consider jquerystepcss and jquerystepjs are the files in static resources. You should use the id(click on view file in static resource and get the id) e.g https://*****c.ap1.visual.force.com/resource/1500638472000/dtcss

so finally your code should look like <ltng:require styles="/resource/1500638472000/jquerystepcss" scripts='/resource/1500638472000/jquery, /resource/1500638472000/jquerystepjs' afterScriptsLoaded="{!c.doInit}" />

But these id's will get change when you move static resources and other stuff to production org so you should use below code

<ltng:require scripts="{!join(',', 
              styles="{!$Resource.jquerystepcss}" afterScriptsLoaded="{!c.load}"/>

Get the details here

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