i have requirement.To track the Email was send or not?

if once receive email.the status will changed?

Any apex code for this above condition?

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You can check the email status in email logs.Below are the steps that you can follow

  • From Setup, enter Email Log Files in the Quick Find box, then select Email Log Files.
  • Click Request an Email Log.
  • Optionally, you can filter an email log to only include rows where a specific domain name or email address appears in a field, such as Recipient or Message ID Header. To enter more than one filter term, separate each value with a comma. If you leave this field blank, the log is not filtered and all email addresses are returned within the specified time range.
  • Enter the email addresses that you want to receive notification when the email log request is complete. Separate each email address with a comma.

Below is the link that help you to track the email log status:


Let me know if it helps.

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