I am working on Case standard salesforce object and i want to post the feeditem on Chatter Post for cases. There is some condition like if case.recordtype!=abc then mention user on chatter post otherwise do not mention user.

I don't know what is chatter mention user? Anyone have brief idea?

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Chatter mention is nothing but use of @mention in chatter post.

@Mention People and Groups in Posts and Comments

@Mention individual people or a group to keep them informed when you're discussing something relevant to them.

  1. When you write a post, type @ followed by the first few letters of the person or group name.
  2. Select the person or group from the list of matches. The list includes all matches for
    • People, typically users you interact with the most
    • Public groups
    • Private groups you’re a member of You can have up to 25 mentions in a single post or comment. You can’t mention archived groups, unlisted groups, customer groups, and private groups you’re not a member of.
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