Our project manager bought the enterprise edition of Salesforce for our project with some random domain name(not relevant to theme of the actual project) which looks out-of-context. I would like to change that domain name something more meaningful.

I haven't reached out to him to see if he can do something at his end to change the domain name(as he is the PM, asking this kind of question might give a bad impression) as he made the purchase.

Is this even possible? If yes, do I need to talk to my PM or do I need to open a case at Salesforce Support?

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    AFAIK - The only people who could change it (if it can be changed) would be salesforce – Eric Jul 27 '17 at 3:25

No, you cann't. You will need to raise a level 2 case I believe https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=domain_name_overview.htm&language=en&type=0

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See Can I change or remove my subdomain name?, copied here for your convenience:

You can’t change the subdomain name that you create with My Domain. And after your subdomain is deployed, you can’t reverse deployment. If you need to change your subdomain name, contact Salesforce Customer Support.

You and your administrators cannot fix this directly, but may log a case with Support.

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