I have one Lightning requirement for display all Users (FirstName, LastName) detail who viewed particular single Case record(Case detail page) several times.

Suppose, I have a Case record with Case Number: "00007901", I just visited this record and after that other User visited same Case record. At that time, I need to display both visited Users detail on particular record detail page.

Snapshot: Like, multiple users viewed this record.

Please help me for this issue, as i'm new on Lightning development.

Thanks in advance!

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You can easily achieve this using Custom-settings.

1. Create a list type custom-setting with three fields, on for the id of the user, one for name, and one integer field that stores the number of visits.

2. Everytime your lightning component loads, call a server side method in doInit and insert the custom setting record with the id of the user for future references.

3. Access the custom setting record for viewing the information on your other page.


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