I have created a lightning component in salesforce1 for my project to scan the QR code and then redirect to the contact, based on the QR code. I have used Scan.me app for QR code capture. For some reason, the url directs to classic salesforce and I have to login everytime in browser and then it opens in salesforce1.

if (component.get("v.UrlType") == "Custom Field"){

        var callback = component.get("v.baseURL")
          + "/apex/BarCodeSearch?objectName="
          + component.get("v.CustomObject") 
          + "&fieldName="
          + component.get("v.CustomField")
          + "&fieldValue=SCANNED_DATA";

        var url = "scan://scan?callback=" + encodeURIComponent(callback);    
            "url": url

BaseURL= https://coxauto--ssgph.lightning.force.com

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