I want to use Visualforce remote object to retrieve data and display it as PDF.

I use this code.

<apex:remoteObjects jsNamespace="RemoteObjectModel">
    <apex:remoteObjectModel name="Opportunity" 
                     fields="Id,Name,StageName" jsShorthand="opp">
        <apex:remoteObjectField name="Sent__c" jsShorthand="sent"/>

    function retrieveOpp(){
        var record = new RemoteObjectModel.opp();
        record.retrieve({limit:1}, function(err, records, event){
        window.onload = retrieveOpp();

When VF page is set to renderAs="PDF" then console display nothing. When I remove the renderAs tag then console displays the retrieved result.

Is this standard behavior and documented?


According to this article:

PDF rendering doesn’t support JavaScript-rendered content.

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