Whenever a new lead is created in SF CRM, that lead will be added as new subscriber in MC. Is this possible with Contact Builder? What are the steps.

  • What's driving the specific need to have the lead created as a Subscriber? – Macca Jul 25 '17 at 11:46

Yes, it is possible with contact builder, but your SF CRM should be linked with your MC. Then follow the below steps

  1. Go to Contact Builder
  2. click on data source
  3. click on Synchronized
  4. you will see the Synchronized Data Sources, click on it
  5. right-hand side top corner you will a button "Set Up Objects" click on that
  6. you will see a pop up with Synchronize Entity (it will display all the object present in your Salesforce CRM)
  7. Search for Lead Object
  8. Once you see the lead object beside that you will see an option to Synchronise click on it.

Your object will be synced.

But it will not reflect in All SUbscribers List, instead in your Subscribers tab under Synchronized Data Extension a DE will be created. If you want to send an email then its better you create a Data Extension and write a SQL query to fetch the values from Sync DE Lead Object and populate the DE.

  • I was able to synced the Lead Object to Sync DE, but still not able to get those leads to All Subscriber List. I tried to create a population using the Synced DE but the Lead DE is not available.. why is that? Is there any workaround on this to get those Sync Lead to be added on All Subscribers list? Thank you. – Mark Dacillo Jul 25 '17 at 4:19
  • Hi @MarkDacillo - synchronization makes the lead a billable contact record (so it is on "all contacts" just by synchronizing it), but synchronisation does NOT write the ID onto All Subscribers List, until you first send an email to it. in other words: Your leads will automatically go on All Subscribers as soon as you send. This is an important distinction. Subscribers on "All Subscribers" are all records who have received at least one email, NOT all contact records. – Jonas Lamberty Jan 13 at 14:30

As I can read, from one of the comments, you are using Marketing Cloud Salesforce Integration.

Using this way of synchronisation for your Leads has left you with special Data Extension which is sendable. From this point, when you'll trigger any send to that Data Extension, all Leads which were the subject of sending will have entries in All Subscribers created for you (in the moment of send).

But if your business requirements are to have created subscribers for each Lead in you Leads data extension nonexplicit, then you can create simply SSJS script, which can be run in Automation Studio. It could take all entries from that Data Extension and iterate through them in a simple loop, in which subscribers can be upserted (inserted or updated - more about the process can be read at Marketing Cloud Documentation - SSJS - Upserting subscriber).

Please be just aware, that all activities in Automation Studio have some limitation. By default, it is 30 minutes of runtime - till the activity is killed by internal mechanisms (this time can be extended by request to support - but each case is considered individually) and simple query can only get 2500 of records from data extension in one request (which can be leveraged by using something like pagination or evaluating only not added leads - using creation date segmentation or checking, by separate SQL, which leads aren't present in All Subscribers)

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