I am facing the problem standard quick action on TASK like Change date, edit comment,Change Priority, Change Status ( quick action) are showing two timeswhen we click on show more action in the task page layout salesforce lightning.

I found the solution that we can override the global publisher layout in the task page layout, and remove the duplicate values(Action type is same, only api name is different- which are genrated by system only i did not done any customization).

But my concern is how this duplicate values is created.

Can any one suggest why it happen.

Thanks in advance.

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If you're on the Tasks page when using the Global Task action, you're essentially calling an Action to create or edit a Task which I'd expect to open a new pop-up to create or edit a Task for that page using the Tasks page dialogue. On completion it should returns you to that page again. However, you're already on that page, thus the reason for duplication.

Since you're already on the Task Ojbect, you need to be using an Object-specific Action for Task.


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