I have a two Milestones in my Entitlement Process, Target time for Milestones-1 is 7 min and Milestones-2 is 5 min.

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But what I am seeing that, when Milestones-1 started and say its completed in 4 min then Milestones-2 is triggering, but the target time is being shown by the system is 2 min, ideally it should be a 5 min. But Milestones-1 time 4 min is getting subtracted from the Milestones-2 target time which is bad. For that reason I am getting less time than anticipated. How to solve this issue ? When Milestone-2 is completed, then its getting removed from the entiltment related list why ?

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New behavior is seen in the below. Although, Milestone is completing successfully, still Milestone-2 using the same start date why ?

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  • how did you define the milestone recurring type? – Santanu Boral Jul 18 '17 at 22:40
  • Are you Changing the case status to "Working" at some point before you really want to start the countdown for milestone 2? As I read it you have 7 minutes to pick up the case and once the status is "Working" you have 5 minutes to change the status to something else. Then again, I have not really played with Milestones just giving a completely outside take on it. – Eric Jul 19 '17 at 1:22
  • Milestone and Entitlement processes are very tricky and lot needs to be improved. Not sure why Milestone-1 spent time is showing in Milestone-2 ? This is weird. – user46657 Jul 19 '17 at 17:01

You have started 2 milestones without completing the first one, that's why Milestone-2 is taking the same target end time of the first one.

I think in the milestone's configuration, whenever case status changes you are creating the new milestone until case status is not completed.

Salesforce doesn't automatically close the previous milestone, before creating the new one.

You need to explicitly complete the previous milestone on the after update trigger of Case object.

Refer your previous question How we can track time of Violated Milestones ? where I have given the code to complete milestone.

When you complete the previous one and start the new one then 2 records will be visible in the related list (which is currently showing one).


You need to change recurrence type as Independent

  • whats your milestones recurring type defined? – Santanu Boral Jul 19 '17 at 17:37
  • Also, try to look back your previous question, think thoroughly and then post your questions. It will then help you – Santanu Boral Jul 19 '17 at 17:40
  • You need to change recurrence type as Independent – Santanu Boral Jul 19 '17 at 17:56
  • Very first time I have written an answer to create Independent milestone type, you didn't read that properly. And you are posting same types of questions – Santanu Boral Jul 19 '17 at 17:58
  • yes, it is, create that way – Santanu Boral Jul 19 '17 at 18:04

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