Is there any way we can query and get the Milestone name based on CaseMilestone object details ? I have a trigger and I want to dynamically pass the MileStone name value instead of doing hard-coding as shown below. Any pointers ?

public class CompleteMilesone {

    public static void completeMilestoneDate(List<SObject> newSobjs, Map<Id,SObject> oldSobjsMap){

            MilestoneUtils.completeMilestone(caseIds1, 'ABC', System.now());
        else if(!caseIds2.isEmpty())
             MilestoneUtils.completeMilestone(caseIds2,'XYZ', System.now());

I tried below query,

SELECT AssetId,CasesPerEntitlement,EndDate,Id,Name,Status,Type FROM Entitlement

To retrieve Milestone Name you need to execute this query

SELECT Id, Name FROM MilestoneType 
where Id IN 
(SELECT MilestoneTypeId 
FROM CaseMilestone 
WHERE CaseId = '<case id>')
  • Thanks, How you calculate such a nice query? This works fine
    – user46657
    Jul 18 '17 at 19:53

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